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Obama to Rangel: Hang it Up

4 Responses to Obama to Rangel: Hang it Up

  1. Just like many others in Congress, Rangel stayed too long at the fair.
    Anyhoo, seems another member, Shirley Waters, is pushing the ethic committe’s buttons, too.
    But, not to worry Democrats, ease your minds; the American voting public is not shocked, dismayed, disgusted or outraged because illegal, unethical behaviour is what we have learned to expect from our elected officials. Sen. Kerry, whose joint bank account is in the billions, avoids paying taxes on his 7 million dollar boat. Seven million for a boat…hmmm.

    • Kerry is really unbelievable. Like a millionaire stealing someone’s coupons. The Dems want Rangel to go because the trial this fall will really sink them.

  2. The voters won’t care about Rangel; corruption is everywhere in politics.
    We expect the worst and hope for the best, over and over.
    It’s no jobs, the economy, foreclosures, educational failures and uncertain future taxes that will sink the Dems all over the country in every position.

  3. On Kerry–it’s the wife’s dough. Just sayin’. She may adhere to Helmsley–only the little people pay taxes. I remember when John Boy needed money on his campaign–all he had to hock was his half of a DC house.