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Obama Drives a Chevrolet Volt

Apparently, the president made an impromptu decision to get into a Chevy Volt, which has a gasoline-electric engine, and drive around. Here’s the pool report out of Michigan:

Hamtramck, Mich.
GM plant
1:15 pm

Your pooler will send Chrysler plant report shortly but breaking news from second stop is that POTUS just droveĀ  (after consultations w Secret Service and Robert Gibbs’ voiced hope that the electric Volt had an airbag)

He stepped excitedly into a Black Chevy Volt, behind the wheel, buckled himself in and haltingly drove perhaps 10 feet at a crawling speed. “Pretty smooth,” he concluded.

Presidents don’t get to drive themselves anywhere, and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs confirmed this was a highly unusual though not unprecedented opportunity for Obama.

Gibbs said he believes the last time Obama drove was 3-4 months ago, when he drove a Dodge Charger at a Secret Service training facility (off-camera and hopefully much faster).

More to come

Margaret Talev
McClatchy Newspapers

White House officials took pains today to deny an op-ed piece in today’s New York Times about the Volt titled, “GM’s Electric Lemon.”

Speaking on Air Force One, Brian Deese, the 31 year old works at the White House remaking the auto industry, quibbled with elements of the piece he said were inconsistent. But he didn’t address the article’s central argument, which is that the Chevy Volt is overpriced, uncomfortable, and nobody wants it.

Anyone, at least one person likes it.

6 thoughts on “Obama Drives a Chevrolet Volt”

  1. Sounds a lilttle anemic both as rebellion and advocacy. The term “driven by a little old lady only on Sunday” leapt to mind. But you know how I am. Stuff leaps in there.

  2. Americans want a car/truck that goes v-rooom. We’re a physically big people and we like a car/truck with leg room and looks sexy.
    Sales of this old-lady car would skyrocket if it were designed to resemble a Corvette and had a sound system that made v-room sounds when the engine was running. Some NASCAR-like decals on the exterior woudn’t hurt either.

  3. His remarks at the GM plant were all about how wonderful he is, how he saved GM and the jobs of the UAW members. The friendly audience was wildly supportive and Obama was beaming.
    It was a good speech until he decided to make it a campaign speech by mentioning the “party of no” and their opposition to the GM bailout.
    When he calls out the opposition to his agenda, he sounds weak and unmanly. He’s starting to sound like Nixon.

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