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Obama Checks Out DC’s Spy Museum

Gets a private look at the Spy Museum along with Michelle and Sasha. They’re back at the White House now. Nice little night out.

9 Responses to Obama Checks Out DC’s Spy Museum

  1. This is not a happy couple.
    The video of the neck-nuzzling and MO’s reaction is sad.
    The Spy Museum?! Aha! MO is planning some international intrigue while in Spain.

  2. I think he looks find of washed out all the time. How come we never get a checkup report–isn’t the last one the one during the campaign when he had a note from his doctor saying he’d be a swell president, but no details?

  3. How does the WH press “corpse” fathom that poor excuse of a WH Press Secretary, Robert( er-ah–um-er-and “obviously”etc) Where do Presidents dig up such sorry spokesmen?

  4. I am no Gibbs lover, either. He seems superficial, condescending, blinks a lot, and is paid to lie or mislead. I also don’t think he does know–is in the inner circle–when he says he doesn’t know. He tries to be affable, but comes off as supremely irritating and not very bright, which probably helps.