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Biden to Vacation in . . . Long Island

It seems the vice president doesn’t have quite the need to be bathed in luxury as First Lady Michelle Obama, who jets off to the nicest hotel in Spain next week.

He and his wife Jill have landed at a PRIVATE RESIDENCE to a vacation on the cheap. I assume they’ll be bringing a bottle of wine or something. They’ll be there until August 4, when they return to Washington to console the president that he is alone on his birthday while Michelle spoils herself in Spanish Splendor.

Well, it’s not like the Bidens are going to visit friends living in a mobile home or something. But still, nice to see a relatively common touch from the veep.

6 thoughts on “Biden to Vacation in . . . Long Island”

  1. Alright, he deserves a couple of Brownie points for that. But if anything, I bet it was Dr. Jill’s idea. She seems like a sensible lady.

    1. Could be. Don’t get the sense though that Biden has exorbitant tastes. He took the damn Amtrak train back and forth to Delaware all those years and he still loves to go back to Delaware weekends instead of hanging around the VP’s mansion.

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  3. I don’t recall prior Presidential families taking foreign vacations but rather doing the home-on-the-range thing or visiting friends with summer/winter homes.
    The O’s really don’t have a home base suitable or secure enough for a vacation at home and sadly, they don’t have any friends to mooch off of either. Still, MO’s Spanish vacation makes me curious.
    Why Spain, why now.

    1. Yes, not sure I remember foreign vacations either. I was wondering if even the Reagans did, but I don’t think so. Especially now – with the economy in the dumps. spend your vaca money here. They really do seem out of touch.

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