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Obama Raises $4.5 Million for DNC in Two Days

Obama is raising fistfuls of money from the well heeled at intimate little affairs that are off limits to the press, taking in about $3 million at two events in New York City last night and $1.5 million tonight at the home of Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV Washington.

The events are open to 50 people each, providing a nice presidential shmooze and presumably a picture for the sum of $30,400, which is the individual donor limit. At least one similar event is planned for next week.

The Democratic National Committee needs to rake in as much money as possible to defend an array of imperiled seats this fall. The swank affairs are a far cry from the kind of retail, mass fundraising effort that Obama’s operatives would rather the president be known for.

The White House won’t provide a transcript of his comments to the donors, saying he is not making “formal” remarks. It’s hard to imagine, though, that the president just shows up and doesn’t say something “informal.” Just, if you call it informal, no transcript or recordĀ  of the remarks is needed, I guess.

There was no official comment from the White House on whether the president still hates “fat cats.”

Just for your listening pleasure, here are the words of a true – and dangerous – populist, Huey Long. At least the guy was consistent.

1 thought on “Obama Raises $4.5 Million for DNC in Two Days”

  1. Long, a man of his era, speaking to the poverty stricken in Louisana about the Rockefellers and Morgans and Carnegies eating from gold plates, walking on silk rugs.
    Obama, speaking to the heirs of the Rockefellers, Morgans and Carnegies who walk on silk rugs, eat from gold plates, tells them he will secure their fortunes.

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