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Obama Now Taping ‘The View’

From the latest White House reporters’ pool report:

After about a 10 minute helo ride (from Edison, NJ) that included a spectacular view of Lady Liberty, pool helo landed at Wall Street heloport about 3:20. The lovely and talented superstar of the UN — Priya Singh — greeted us upon arrival.

Took about 20 minutes for motorcade to get to ABC studios where POTUS is taping The View. Streets were lined with people taking pictures. Pool is holding at ABC.

Sam Youngman
White House correspondent
The Hill

3 thoughts on “Obama Now Taping ‘The View’”

  1. People were taking photos of the Prez’s vehicle!?!
    Perhaps the photos were to chronicle the final turning point in the lowering of the majesty and respect once given the President. Oh, wait….there’s also a Presidential computer instructional video available now. O, at the computer, advising the ‘small’ people how to find the magic beans in HealthCareReform. How could I forget….Mrs O’s plea to the ‘small’ people to e-sign a birthday card for her husband to show their love and support.
    She will show her love and support by flying off to a 5-star resort in Spain, without him.

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