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Is Mother Nature Working for Obama?

Setting an unusually blistering pace for White House spin, Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton today tried to claim credit for cleaning up the Gulf, when it’s pretty clear that most of the work is just happened on its own.

Well, if you’ve seen some of the reports out today, we’ve obviously been able to make a lot of progress on cleaning up some of the oil that’s spilled out into the Gulf and stopping the oil from coming out of the well.

Well, no you haven’t. An article in today’s New York Times notes that as much as 40 percent of the oil probably evaporated upon hitting the surface. Much has been also dissipated by storms that hit the Gulf. And oil eating bacteria appear to have gobbled up a bunch of it too.

The keystone cops trying valiantly to scoop up the rest into ships have probably only taken a small percentage of gunk out of the water.

But the President’s view is that we’re not going to rest until we ensure that we’ve cleaned up all the oil, restored the damage that’s happened to the Gulf, and make sure that the people of that region are whole again.

So the president will continue to press those bacteria to finish the job. “Eat, bacteria, eat!” he will yell from the shoreline during his upcoming token weekend vacation in the Gulf.

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