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Obama Puts Some Energy into Energy

President Obama appeared in the Rose Garden early this afternoon to say that even as the Senate moves to pass a scaled back version of the energy bill, he’s going to push for broader climate change legislation that includes a carbon cap and trade bill, as has already been passed by the House.

Obama on a bikeSome in Washington are speculating that the strategy is for the Senate to pass a limited bill and then AFTER the election, but before the new Congress – minus many Dems – is seated  in January, the House and Senate will meet in a conference, change the Senate bill to look like the House bill, and roll it through the Senate.

That’s what “lame duck” sessions are for. Everyone’s ass is out of a political sling. Some who would have to take a risky vote have either been defeated or, in the case of the Senate, can wait six years to face voters again, and unpopular legislation gets passed. That’s why Obama demanded that the Senate act initially now.

But he also wants to show House members, some of whom are from relatively conservative districts and walked the plank to pass cap and trade, that their sacrifice was not for nothing.

On the other hand, my colleague Glenn Thrush of POLITICO, who covers the White House now but knows Congress intricately, notes that though Democrats who have been beaten would be free to vote as they want, many would be in snarly moods and in no mood to please Speaker Pelosi. And some may be plotting comebacks in their conservative districts, and won’t be eager to make the same mistake twice.

Obama also in his remarks pretended to want to help small business, as he did just recently, said the Senate should approve more of his appointments, and, critically, called for swift passage of supplemental Afghan war funding.

Obama and Congressional leaders want to ram the war spending bill through before it gets fully pissed on by Wikileaks and the John Kerry’s of the world start pontificating about their grave concerns, etc.

4 thoughts on “Obama Puts Some Energy into Energy”

  1. Cap and Trade(Tax) will bring our economy to a halt. Fini. Ill advised, ill planned and unworkable, taxing companies for ‘carbon’ use can only bring a real Cap to production and/or expansion. The restrictions in this bill on individuals is draconian and expensive. Inflation will be catastrophic. Company after company will relocate to other, more friendly countries.
    IMO, the public is at ‘simmer’ now and any further restrictive, invasive legislation will cause an overflow to the boiling point.
    Lame ducks should think twice before casting votes.

    1. I agree, I think they will think twice. And even if God came to earth and said cap and trade is the right thing for His planet, and I don’t understand how you do this when the country is teetering on the edge of a double dip recession.

  2. I skipped over the Politico reference first time around. I’ve seen VandeHai on Morning Joe a lot. Yeah, I watch MSNBC and FOX. It’s like listening to tales of two different Americas. MSNBC hates Republicans, FOX hates Democrats. The only impartial political pundit is Imus; he hates everyone.

    1. Imus is the national curmudgeon! Is there a future for straight news? CNN plays it more straight, but its ratings are in the tank.

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