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Michelle to Vacation Without Barack

In an effort to create as much time for golf for the president as possible, Mrs. Obama will travel to Spain next week for a vacation with younger daughter Sasha. This will leave Obama to his own devices, since elder daughter Malia is at camp.

Mrs. Obama’s staff has decided to throw in a visit with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia in order to provide a veneer of statesmanship to the Ritzy trip.

Obama will be left to CELEBRATE HIS BIRTHDAY ALONE August 4. It’s unclear if his mother-in-law is going on the trip, so if she stays he can spend his birthday with her.

The decision for Michelle to vacation alone in Spain was reportedly made after she saw one of the Spanish soccer players tear his jersey off after winning the World Cup.

“Book me a flight there NOW,” she instructed an assistant.

14 thoughts on “Michelle to Vacation Without Barack”

  1. The visit to the Royal family is to make it an “official” and tax-payer paid trip. MO, with her Chicago-way manners and her refusal to follow protocol, will probably insult the Spanish people. Her attire will reflect her working-class background and she will be seen eating at many venues.
    If memory serves, Jackie Kennedy went on a solo foreign trip when she got fed up with JFK’s tomfoolery..India and a great elephant? The House of O may not really be the loving, harmonious family as presented

    1. I was thinking of exactly the Jackie O trip. Didn’t she go and meet Onassis or something? There have been no signs that they’re not getting along, though.

  2. Read on Drudge that she has booked 30 rooms at a five-star hotel. When are we all going to rise up and physically toss these people out of the White House?

  3. This might have reached a tipping point. The comments on Yahoo and other middle of the road websites are not very pretty. Drudge has 5 links including one about the hotel they will probably stay…he finest in Spain.

    What’s wrong with her? I think she’s carrying on her own little mini reparations extravangza. She’s owed this by the American public to right past wrongs. Not exactly a surprise considering her not so veiled anger during the campaign or she’s trying to do her husband in or maybe both.

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  5. She’s packing up the cardigans for a trip…I can’t make anything too much of this, though I am trying. Thirty rooms might be a lot–who all is going?

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