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The White House Dossier Dude on TV

This is an appearance I did last week on RT TV, an international news channel, that I thought you might like to see. The topic was a piece I did for White House Dossier on Obama’s incessant golfing, as well as a piece by someone else in POLITICO on his and Washington’s faltering connection to the country. The woman who interviewed my, Dina Gusovsky, is very sharp and has a great sense of humor, and was fun to play off of.

10 thoughts on “The White House Dossier Dude on TV”

  1. You are kinda cute. I am not sure about that interviewer’s waitress uniform, but she is way smarter than Contessa Brewer, that’s for sure! Good job!

  2. keith – great piece. so… key to it all, BarryO has played 41 rounds. is he getting any better? give the guy some slack, all things considered. LOL re the interviewer’s waitress outfit. btw, you look better in the caricature than on youtube! ;-) …anyway, keep up the good work….-peter

    1. Peter, I know. Nightmarishly overweight, but working on it. Was just watching videos of Obama out on the golf course and he looks so happy. Starting to feel bad!

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