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So Mean to Sarah!

Sarah Palin actually has the boldness and foresight to invent a new word for the English language, and now people are making fund of her and even trying to capitalize on it. Someone set up the site and is selling an awful looking T-shirt. Clearly Sarah, who coined this word for all of us to use, should be sharing in the profits.

Not since Dan Quayle invented a new spelling for the word potato has such innovation come in for so much misplaced mirth.

sarah palin
Oh, what could have been! So much easier on the eyes than Biden. Refudiate, reshmudiate.

6 thoughts on “So Mean to Sarah!”

  1. I am curious. I guess I will find out.

    This is what I like about Sarah, though, she just powers on through, doesn’t let this petty nonsense stop her, just like she saw some wrongs, ran for PTA, then mayor, then governor, then vp, then governor was getting screwed up by her fame and (now we learn) the organized mental midgets kicking at her shins journalistically, so she quit that…she just keeps on truckin’. I take heart from her everyday. Would she be a good president…who knows…I doubt she will even run…we shall see. Maybe, maybe not. But I give her her due–or is that “do”?

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