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Will Obama Go Golfing This Weekend??

I first posted this Friday night. Well, just one day left. He didn’t go golfing Saturday. Everyone so far who has voted in the our poll, including me, has said he will go out.

Here’s the forecast for Washington, DC.

Sunday: 96°F and humid

So, what will Obama do? Will he go golfing anyway? What do you think?

You can vote in the poll that’s over in the right hand column. I’m still certain that he’s going. My theory is that not only can he not stop himself from playing golf, but it’s also the only place he can freely indulge in his smoking habit. And so he goes. Pity the poor suckers invited to go with him – who can say “no” to the president?

Except Hillary. She’d tell him jump in a lake, for sure.

Maybe he’ll invite one of the aging conservative Supreme Court Justices in an attempt to kill them off and free up another appointment for himself.

Anyway, you may disagree, so go ahead and vote “no” if you do. I’ve been wrong about Obama before. Like, for example, I was sure he’d have kicked his mother-in-law out of the White House by now.

6 thoughts on “Will Obama Go Golfing This Weekend??”

  1. I was just checking Mark Knoller’s Twitter to see if he had any updates. How can you tell the difference between what you read there and what comes out of Gibbsy’s office…no difference. I hope you saw the video I posted about the Improper Elimination Bill Signing (available at my name) He actually said Americans have been giving up their “thrills” because of the bad economy. I’m sure that’s what he or the telepromptor said. Check it out.

    My little grandaughter lives in Baltimore stuck in the heat. Poor Ally B.
    Here she is if the link works: Ally B

    1. First of all, your granddaughter is totally and completely adorable.

      Enjoyed the improper elimination video. And BTW, my dogs have been having improper eliminations all over the house since they got back from the kennel and it’s really annoying.

      The Mussolini video was really spooky. Don’t think I’ve heard much of Il Duce’s speeches before.

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