As of now, I am in control here, in the White House


With the increasing focus on his love of country club sport, particularly by me, Obama this morning turns back to the sport of the street.

The motorcade exited the White House at 9:33 am ET headed to Fort McNair, where Obama will be shooting hoops with body man Reggie Love, among others. Not sure if they’re playing outside or not.

This still leaves time for golf this weekend, in my view, but it could affect our voting in the poll which you can find over in the right hand column. So far, White House Dossier readers Рincluding this one Рare UNANIMOUS  in predicting Obama will go golfing this weekend.

6 Responses to Basketball!!

  1. Yes, I see the photos. He’s dressed to play indoors. He generally is a swell dresser. Everything matches and is in nice dark earth tones. He pays a lot of attention to the way he looks more than the average man.The clothes are baggy to hide his weight loss. He might pretend to talk like he’s from the hood on occasion but his clothes reveal his preppy, Ivy League self.

  2. Ft McNair? If that’s a military base in DC, the question is why he would go there to play basketball with a guy named Reggie Love(?) or, is it Reggie, love?
    Jeez, like most Easterners, you assume that everyone knows what and where you’re talking about. You assume that all of America is just like the crowded, metro-urban area you live in.

  3. He has lost weight. A letter to the editor in the AZ Republic this week said he looked tired and old and in need of vitamins compared with the British PM, whom the letter writer lauded for his perkiness. Now–perkiness can be overdone–but I thought it was an interesting letter. The man is 49, hardly in need of a walker.