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Obamas to Vacation in the Gulf

Well, sort of. The White House announced last week that the family had found a single weekend in August to stop by in the Gulf to bathe in the greasy waters and build tar ball sand castles.

It’s not a surprise they’ll do this given all the crap they got, including from me, for jetting up to hoity toity Bar Harbor, Maine instead of spending their vacation money in the Gulf, as Michelle had recommended everyone do.

Sorry, but this little stop in the Gulf wreaks of box checking. I’m sure they’ll tolerate a couple of days there on their way to their real vacation.

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6 Responses to Obamas to Vacation in the Gulf

  1. It would only make a difference if the stayed there a week and gave up Martha’s Vineyard. If Maine was one giant photo-op I can’t imagine what this will be . Will Bo-op accompany them on AF1?

  2. My sources tell me Bo has informed the family that he’s “sick of being part of your damn photo ops” and will fly independently to the Vineyard ahead of the Obamas while they sweat it out in Mississippi.