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Latest White House Economic Forecast

I can’t bare to write about the Mid-Session Review. The latest one came out this afternoon. It’s the annual economic and budget outlook document the White House puts out during the summer, between releases of the budget each February. It’s the most boring thing on earth, and I’ve had to write about it for each of the last 13 years I’ve covered the White House.

Here’s the kind of stuff you find in it:

Here’s the kind of people who get off on it:

So, okay, you see what I’m talking about, right? Covering the White House is not all glamor. Anyway, I will at least give you the headlines out of it.

“The U.S. economy still faces strong headwinds.” That’s a quote out of the thing. Did you know that?

Also, the deficit forecast for this year has dropped from $1.55 trillion to $1.47 trillion. Which, it doesn’t take a PhD in economics to figure out, doesn’t make a fucking bit of difference.

So now you’re up to date.

3 Responses to Latest White House Economic Forecast

  1. I’m sure he said today that the economy is moving in the right direction. Doesn’t he say that everyday? Did he say he’s working day and night and he won’t rest until… and I’m the president and the buck stops here and I didn’t run for office to help a bunch of fat cat bankers and all he thinks about is how he is going to create jobs. This isn’t about him. This is about you. Laura Logan to Obama, “Do you have any doubts?” NEVER!

  2. I don’t even need to read it..Interspersed with trombone blats..challenging, challenges, not what we expected, slower than we expected, disappointing, lagging indicator, and yes, Granny–going in the right direction. Blaaaa blaaa.