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The Things We Do for Our Wives

Obama, who is basically a sports loving dude’s dude, is forced last night by Michelle to sit in the East Room and pretend he’s interested in a tribute to Broadway. “Look at all this silly jumping around,” he thinks to himself. “I wonder how the White Sox are doing.”

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4 Responses to The Things We Do for Our Wives

  1. My husband is a real sports-loving dude and I can tell you that BO is no dude’s dude and Papa Buddy would say amen to that. Nothing riles him up more than BO and sports. BO’s a poseur sports-loving dude. All the obvious reasons: not knowing how to say correctly where the White Sox play, his favorite players, his pitch, his know-it-all banter with the sports reporters, his showing off by throwing 3 pointers…No wonder he’s lost the male vote. Sports matters. Besides, my guess as to why he hangs around men…he likes men.