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Obama Schedule || July 21, 2010

10:45 am || Meets with Biden

11:30 am || Signs Financial Reform Bill at the Reagan federal building in Washington

12:40 pm || Has lunch with House Members; White House

All times Eastern. Live stream of Gibbs briefing at 1:00 pm

5 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || July 21, 2010”

  1. Breakfast to 11:00am; shoot some hoops, check Blackberry for polls, chat with staff-tell them to make that NAACP thing go away.
    11:00am; Made Crazy Joe wait for me, what an idiot.
    11:20am: Check Blackberry for polls, look for good talking points on MSNBC to use at lunch.
    12:40pm: Lunch with FancyNancy et al, used great talking points.
    1:30pm: Check Blackberry for polls, get Reggie to check golf course time, avoid Michelle.

  2. srdem, you forgot looking in the mirror. A couple of years ago when BO was arriving on the scene I read the funniest story about him. I didn’t realize the significance at the time and lost the exact quote. His fellow community organizers were asked about him and one said that he spent most of his time looking in the mirror. Darned if that person didn’t get him.

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