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A Look Inside an East Room Press Conference

President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron today held a short press conference in the East Room in which they proclaimed that they like each other, that Britain and the United States are good allies and even speak the same language, that it was wrong the release the Lockerbie bomber since he’s really not too sick, and blah blah blah blah blah.

What, you were looking for news from this little Anglo-U.S. PR stunt?

But it looked pretty cool. Here’s some photos from inside the East Room.

First, lets see what some of the august White House journalists are up to while they wait for Obama and Cameron to appear.

Below, NBC’s Chuck Todd is on air while behind him the official White House microphone test makes sure the mikes are hot.

Ed Henry of CNN gets set to go on while ABC’s Jake Tapper most likely is dispatching one of his endless series of tweets to the world. Apparently, New York has not demanded any prefatory comments from Tapper, but his Twitter fans – and they are legion – have.

C-SPAN’s Steve Scully works the room.

And now we’re underway. Obama listens as Cameron makes some kind of point.

The photogs eat it up.

Obama’s water glass awaits a presidential sip.

Obama takes a question, not terribly willingly, from a British journalist.

An exquisite East Room Chandelier illuminates the proceedings.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and what appears to be his British counterpart make sure everyone’s on message.

Obama makes his point with help from the presidential seal.

And now it’s over. Ed Henry launches into a standup while Fox’s Major Garrett takes a rare chance to photograph the Green Room.

The lovely and industrious Kendra Marr of POLITICO doesn’t wait to get back to her desk before tapping out a story. The equally lovely Steve Thomma of McClatchy looks on – and figures it can wait. Major is in the background still taking pictures.

As reporters exit the main section of the White House to return to their space in the West Wing, a view from the White House front door on the north side.

And now its back to our desks, where we’ll try to convince out editors that something important happened so that the afternoon isn’t a total waste.

7 thoughts on “A Look Inside an East Room Press Conference”

  1. I got a least 2 photos for my arrogant Barack collection from this pressie. Some of the best nose up in the air photos come from the WH’s own Flickr account. Pete Souza must have drowned in kool-aid because some of his photos showing Barack looking arrogant are beyond belief. He has also posted at least 5 different photos of Barack with his feet on the Oval desk, tables etc

    Because you were nice to me I’m giving you first shot at seeing my latest video which is pretty funny:

    1. That was pretty good. I was in motorcade for inaugural balls and had to watch him dance w Michelle. Very painful.

      Also, it was obama’s other photographer, Chuck Kennedy, at today’s press conference.

  2. I know this is stupid–but I wish they would get rid of that brassy gold mess in the background–Dennis Miller called it “that shower curtain thing.” It looks like a dog’s laundry.

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