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Obama: Next Election ANOTHER Referendum on Bush

In an interview with NBC News, President Obama made it clear that the 2010 election, like the one Democrats swept in 2008, should be a referendum on President Bush, which is probably good thinking since Bush is the only politician around less popular Obama.

Offering some quality political double talk, Obama said in a sitdown with NBC White House reporter Chuck Todd that he wanted Americans to hold him accountable for his policies, but that really, they shouldn’t.

“This is going to be a choice between the policies that got us into this mess and my policies that are getting us out of this mess. And I think if you look at the vast majority of Americans, even those who are dissatisfied with the pace of progress, they’ll say that the policies that got us into this mess we can’t go back to… What I’m prepared is to be held accountable for the policies that I’ve put in place. But they Americans don’t have selective memory. They’re gonna remember the policies that got us into this mess as well. And they sure as heck don’t wanna go back to those.”

So he wants to be held accountable for “the policies that are getting us out of this mess.” That is, my policies that haven’t really worked yet and need more time to work. That is, two years is not enough time to judge my policies. That is, “JUDGE BUSH’S POLICIES, NOT MINE!!”

Obama and Bush
You've got to be kidding me. You're going to continue blaming me for the state of country?

“I’m prepared is to be held accountable for the policies that I’ve put in place,” except that they can’t be worse than the policies that got us here, so vote based on those.

Why can’t Obama just run on his own record? Well, because whether it’s the stimulus, the health care bill or other Obama initiatives, they are not very popular right now. So the president is going to sit tight and hope the economy improves by 2012. But Democrats can’t wait until 2010, so they’ll have to campaign against Bush.

Informed that Obama plans to campaign against Bush again this year, former Vice President Cheney’s heart briefly stopped. But thankfully, it resumed after his quick thinking daughter Liz turned the dial up on his new left ventricle pump.

Reached by phone with the news on a golf course outside Dallas about Obama’s plan to make him the target again in 2010, former President Bush said, “Fuck if I care.”

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  2. The world’s economies crashed, the Bushies borrowed for programs that weren’t self-supporting, their friends in Congress and business made a pile, the whole mess crashed and the little dope-citizens were smashed…But who was it again who was so smart, our savior even, had the key to CHANGING it, volunteered his excellence (begged even) to fix it? Who was that again? If Bush drove this thing into the ditch, that person did not call for a tow–he set it on fire instead.

    1. Star, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head of Obama’s problem – he was sent here to fix this. He’s got to show results.

  3. Is that a typo, “they” Americans? He refers to us as “they”? Proof again that he’s nothing but an alien from another galaxy sent here to destroy everything he touches.

  4. OK. Now I get it..Bush made him bail out the Banks, Wall Street, the Unions, the Mortgage Lenders, Fannie/Freddie, Medicaid, and GM. Bush caused the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the war in Afganistan, Pakistan, the Iranian nuclear threat, and the Nile flu while O has made us more likeable, more sympathic to our enemies and so far in debt that our country may just collapse on itself. What a miserable whiny liar snitch rat, etc. I know who and why I’ll vote in November, Mr. Prez.

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