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Gibbs Supplies Pelosi With Rorschach Test

House Speaker Pelosi today termed the comment by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs that Dems could lose the House a “Rorschach test.”

Here’s what Gibbs said Sunday on Meet the Press.

“I think there’s no doubt there are enough seats in play that could cause Republicans to gain control. There’s no doubt about that.”

Here’s what Pelosi said today.

We fully intend to win.  The comment can be interpreted many ways.  I think it was a Rorschach test.  But from our standpoint we are very pleased with what the White House has been doing and what they will continue to do.

Actually, there’s only one way to interpret it, as far as I can tell, unless you don’t want to hear the truth. In that sense, it’s a Rorschach test. It tells how well you can make pretend. Gibbs himself said afterward that he had merely “stated the obvious.”

His problem is that press secretaries are supposed to steer well away from the obvious when the obvious sounds bad. They are supposed to come up with less obvious stuff that leads you to the wrong conclusion.

And Pelosi is being less than sincere. She sure didn’t view it as a Rorschach test. She wants to kick Gibbs’ ass.

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