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Jack is Back at OMB.

President Obama today announced that Jack Lew, the consummate nerd, is back at the helm of the Office of Management and Budget.

Lew replaces the OMB Director Hot Pants, aka Peter Orszag, who sired a love child before marrying this:

Bianna Golodryga

Anyhoo, Orszag succeeded in building on the work done by the Bush administration, that is, adding trillions more to the deficit and doing absolutely nothing tangible to stop the growth in spending. In fact, he presided over another $1 trillion in new spending on health care overhaul, deceptively “paid for” with savings that can no longer be used to reduce the deficit.

Now, enter Jack Lew, who was President Clinton’s final OMB director and who, as Obama correctly stated today at the White House, actually handed Bush a tidy surplus – though also an economy about to enter recession.

When Jack left that post at the end of the Clinton administration, he handed the next administration a record $236 billion budget surplus . . . You know, if there was a fall – if there was a hall of fame for budget directors then Jack Lew surely would have earned a place.

What Obama doesn’t mention is that Lew was pretty much Clinton’s WORST budget director, presiding over an increase of $43.2 billion in outlays during Fiscal Year 2000, the most of any year of Clinton’s term.

Jack Lew
"I'm Jack Lew, and I promise to lower the testosterone level at OMB"

The only reason for the budget surplus was that revenues rose faster than spending because of the expanding economy. In fact, the supposedly fiscally scrupulous Clinton administration never once actually cut spending during Bubba’s entire eight years in office.

So Jack probably won’t make the Budget Director’s Hall of Fame based on his earlier playing career.

And Orszag probably should be disqualified because of his sexual shenanigans alone. I mean, kids look up to these guys in the Budget Directors’ Hall of Fame.

It’s also worth mentioning that Jack Lew is an Orthodox Jew who, presumably, won’t work on the Sabbath. Which of course begs the question, what if somebody tries to raise spending on a Saturday?

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