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Obama is Full of Energy

Obama is clearly setting the stage for trying to pass an energy bill before the Senate departs mid-summer, suddenly devoting a series of events to the wonders of alternative fuels.

The House has already passed a measure, and the Senate is primed to act as well. POLTICO’s Mike Allen has written that the White House strategy is to get the bill passed in the Senate and then hash it out during the lame duck session after the elections, when Democrats will have already faced voters and can move the bill far to the left during a “conference” committee between the House and Senate.

On stage today in Las Vegas with embattled Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Obama touted a $6 million grant made under the stimulus bill to a solar-panel construction company that will set up shop on Nevada. The remarks follow a visit Thursday to an electric vehicle plant in Kansas City. And the White House has just announced that Obama will travel to Michigan next Thurday to tout a battery plant in Michigan.

I thought he was going to start explaining the health bill to everyone? Maybe he will do a tour early next year in which he combines his explanation of the health and energy bills.

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