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Obama Lands in The Great State of Missouri

Speaking at an electric car factory, Obama made the best case he could in an economy that has failed to achieve much liftoff with him at the stick. That is: it was worse under the other guy, and it could have gotten even worse if not for me:

For the better part of 10 years, people have faced stagnant incomes, skyrocketing health care costs, skyrocketing tuition costs, and declining economic security.  And this all came to a head in a massive financial crisis that sent our economy into a freefall.

So it was in the middle of this crisis that my administration walked through the door, and we had to make some difficult decisions at a moment of maximum peril, to avoid a Great Depression, to make sure that we didn’t have a complete meltdown in our financial system.

Because we made . . .  hard choices, our economy is in a different place today than it was just a year ago.

Not much of a rallying cry, though: “We’re in a different place!! Oh yeah!”

Obama as president has come to Missouri five times – more often than any other state he lost but for Louisiana. Could it be for political reasons, because the hyper-competitive Obama lost Missouri by just a few thousand votes in 2008 and wants to make sure he wins it next time? White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton was asked just such a question aboard Air Force One today.

Obama and economic team
Folks, we're headed to Missouri. It's a great state, and they have questions.

Not at all, he suggested. It’s because “Missouri is a great state,” Burton said. “We’ll probably be back there. It’s a place where people have good ideas about how to grow the economy. They’ve got some questions about what the President is doing to move our country forward.”

Missouri is a great state? “As in, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Great State of Missouri.” That’s plenty of reason to go back. If there are other great states, Obama will go there too. And, you know, Missourians have got questions – questions Nebraksans, Oklahomans, and Texans are not capable of articulating. And Obama wants to answer them. And they have ideas, and the president clearly needs ideas, what with Larry Summers always falling asleep and everything.

And it is indeed a great state. Somehow, they got Kansas City from Kansas. Imagine if New Jersey stole New York City from New York?

So back to Missouri. And Bill, next time get better prepared for obvious questions please.