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Obama: Get Serious About Afghanistan or Get Out

Here’s a link to a piece I did for the Daily Caller, which describes Obama’s inattention to the war and his lack of stomach for it and how this will lead to ruin  if he doesn’t fix it.

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3 Responses to Obama: Get Serious About Afghanistan or Get Out

  1. This isn’t toy soldiers on the board or your chance at being a war president or looking tough–this is Sgt Rogers of Phoenix, dead, in the paper this morning. We can’t ever get Sgt Rogers back. His family can never see him again. And why? For some thieving dope like Karzai or some dream of closing a sanctuary, which is in Pakistan anyhow?! This guy was supposed to be so smart–I honestly don’t think so.

    • Bruce, thanks, I’m glad you liked the piece. I think you’re about right on the quote! Or perhaps it’s “If you say ‘bite me’ I’ll chop you off at the knees.”