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A Walk With Biden Down Gaffe Memory Lane

With Vice President Biden having wandered into another expletive deleted moment yesterday, we thought it might be a good time to take a walk down memory lane and share a few of the greatest Biden moments from years recent and past. We hope you enjoy it.

Here, he appears to have downed a few before an appearance with his wife and the Obamas

Not sure, but sounds a little tipsy here too.

A little colorful language from “Fightin’ Joe” fron Scranton.

And some of the best of the rest

And in honor of his death yesterday, a chestnut from Sen. Robert Byrd.

One Response to A Walk With Biden Down Gaffe Memory Lane

  1. The MSM might think Biden is a cute old codger but he is actually a disgrace and a castrophe in waiting. His mental competency is in question and his profane public utterences are unworthy of the VP of the US.