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Obama Bows to Saudi, Figuratively This Time

President Obama today welcomed Saudi King Abdullah to the White House, but apparently forgot to discuss Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses and its effort to sow Islamic fundamentalism throughout the world.

Saudi King Abdullah
Hi! I'm headed home to crack some heads!

Instead, Obama gushed about his friend the King and all the wisdom he imparts.

Such consideration was of course not in evidence when Israeli commandos recently boarded the “relief” ships bound for Gaza and got the crap beaten out of them by stick, knife and gun wielding peace activists. Some of the attacking peace activists were then killed, and Obama told Israeli PM Netanyahu he wanted a damn good explanation, and fast.

Here’s the latest from Amnesty International on the wise Saudi King’s routine conduct of business:

Killings by both government security forces and armed groups occur periodically, either in attacks or shootouts. There are still scores of political prisoners and possible prisoners of conscience. Saudi Arabia continues to use flogging and amputations as punishments. Executions, beheadings with a sword, occur regularly and are disproportionately carried out against foreign nationals. Foreign workers are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, particularly female domestic workers, who have virtually no protection at all. About 600 Iraqis remain stranded in Rafha refugee camp since the 1991 Gulf War, denied the opportunity to seek asylum in Saudi Arabia . . . Suspected homosexuals have been subjected to flogging. Though there has been some improvement, freedom of expression remains extremely curtailed, and discrimination on the basis of religion is absolute . . .  Executions have been carried out for witchcraft and apostasy.

And this is what we got from Obama today.

I want to welcome his majesty, King Abdullah, to the White House. And I am very pleased to be able to return the extraordinary hospitality that he showed me and my delegation when we visited Saudi Arabia and when we visited his majesty’s farm . . .

I always value his majesty’s wisdom and insights, and we have had a very productive session, speaking about a whole range of issues that relate to both relations between our two countries, but also issues of prosperity and security around the globe . . .

We will continue to work together to expand the people-to- people contacts . . .  our people are continually enriching both countries.

So, your majesty, on behalf of the American people, welcome. We appreciate your friendship. And we appreciate your good counsel and look forward to continuing to work together to strengthen the strong bonds between our two countries.

A farm? In Saudi Arabia? Like a fat farm? Whatever.

All this is not quite as bad as last year, though:

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