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Obama Sneaks in a Change to His Tax Pledge

Having spent $1 trillion on health care reform, Democratic leaders have checked the books and discovered to their dismay that THE UNITED STATES IN RUNNING UNBELIEVABLE DEFICITS.

Sorry, let me get a hold of myself. It’s just that they’ve taken the big overindulgence at dinner that existed under GOP rule and turned it into an endless engorgement at a sumptuous buffet on the Titanic.

Wait, of course, I remember now, the health bill was all “paid for” with $1 trillion in tax increases and spending cuts . . . THAT WE NOW CAN’T USE TO CUT THE DEFICIT.

Alright, I’m okay, just give me a minute.

So it looks like Congress is going to have to dig a little deeper into your pockets, with Democratic leaders talking about middle class tax increases and suggesting Obama may need to break his pledge not to raise taxes for anyone making less than $250,000 per year.

Well, the White House has been working on an opening for doing just that.

Here’s a pretty cocky sounding candidate Barack Obama making it as clear as humanly possible that he’s not raising any kind of taxes on those making less than $250,000 per year.

Now below in his weekly Message to America, broadcast just this past April 10, the now President Obama restates his promise.

As you can hear . . . wait a second. Roll that again. No go ahead, roll it. Did he just say “income” taxes?? Excuse me, but there THERE WASN’T ANY TALK BEFORE OF LIMITING THIS TO INCOME TAXES. Excuse me, I’m getting excited again.

Here’s Obama speaking a few days later – on April 15 as a matter of fact – to the DNC:

One thing we haven’t done is raise income taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year – another promise that we kept.

Well, with all due respect, Mr. President, that wasn’t the promise at all. I thought we were “absolutely clear?”

For those of you who are hearing impaired – and Obama apparently assumed this included most of you – here is what he said in the first video as a candidate:

Let me be absolutely clear. If you are a family making less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes go up. Not your capital gains tax, not your payroll tax, not your income tax – no taxes. Your taxes will not go up.

So for those of you making $250,000 or less, get ready for the new “absolute clarity:”  It’s only your income taxes that are off the table. Until, you know, they’re on the table.

7 Responses to Obama Sneaks in a Change to His Tax Pledge

  1. His favorite phrases—“Make no mistake” and “Let me make this very clear” are code for “Here comes a confusing whopper.” All I can say is, “Never base a drinking game on these utterances or you will end up in the ICU (and believe me, you can’t afford it).

    His so-called “Twitters” mistake or misutterance or whatever it was–oh, that’s right–rote reading of TOTUS…reminded me of a site called, where you can see whole cakes with stupid errors enshrined in frosting.

    Hey, Americans have too much time on their hands–everyone knows it.

    By the way–that unemployment that didn’t get extended–thanks a heap, Washington. Oh, well, when all the members of Congress try to get on it, it won’t be there.

    • Cakewrecks made me hungry. And on your advice Star will listen closely when I hear “Make no mistake” and “Let me make this very clear”

  2. But on CakeWrecks, didn’t you see the ones (however luscious) where the decorator decorated on the instruction like “HAPPY BIRTHDAY all caps”…on the cake! I hope the president doesn’t have to read cakes. I don’t know–I just think it’s an amusing site. Never mind.

  3. I will shut up temporarily–feeling chatty today. But last night, I was watching a marathon of Bill the Exterminator. Yes–pests, not people. Billy is a colorful sort down in Lousiana, the very type our WH likes to disdain as a clinger–and he goes around channeling the Croc Hunter and whacking yellow jackets, crocs, and the occasional bobcat or skunk (well, those he relocates to some pristine wilderness he always knows about). Anyhow–I thought, “These sort of pantywaist homeowners look so glad to see this smiling, joking guy with death’s heads all over his clothes (his “beewear” is a skeleton mask) who can solve all their pest problems, he is probably doing more to help people in a day than these WH people have done since they came in.”

  4. Being a senior gives one a new perspective on life. Done the ‘raising the family, church/community service’ thing and now it’s time for Me, Me and Me.
    I think they should raise the fuel taxes so high it becomes a deterrent to driving automobiles so that I can ride my handicap cart anywhere in relative safety.
    Raise those SS and Medicare taxes high, I really need the money and medical care.
    Pump up the taxes on beer and hard liquor, drunks are really annoying.

  5. For great insight into the current administration and the re-writing of history with grand acceptance and open arms from the “people”, read the book “1984”.

    For all those who choose not to stimulate their minds, live off of the government already, and cannot get beyond the cover of any book for lack of pictures (comics do not count), rent the movie.

    If the movie cannot keep you entertained enough because there is not a sufficient amount of explosions, eroticism, foul language, car chases, dismemberment and drug deals with hip-hop or rock music in the background, then belay that last message and continue with Oprah, Springer, and the latest shows that will keep you glued to the seat during working hours. Oh, and dont worry, the government money will keep coming, as will that steady supply of potato chips.

    And to keep that money coming, remember to vote this year! I eagerly look forward to seeing you at the polls on Nov 3rd.