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Obama Glosses Over Byrd’s Klan Ties

Honestly now, President Obama, you can do better than this.

Obama today released a statement on Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), who died early this morning at the age of 92. The only reference to Byrd’s past membership in the Ku Klux Klan is this:

“He had the courage to stand firm in his principles, but also the courage to change over time.”

From this nation’s first African American president, it would have been nice to have something more explicit and less polite.

Robert Byrd
Haya abadabada! Ayaspakaboo! Feese! Feese!

Byrd during his young adulthood was a member of or tied to the Klan for a number of years. He was not just hanging out. He was a leader of his local chapter, rising to the position of Exalted Cyclops.

The Exalted Cyclops also personally filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act for 14 hours.

BUT, he had the wisdom to endorse Obama over Hillary Clinton during the primaries, and the rest of Obama’s statement is a gushing tribute.

Hey, I'm watching Byrd on C-Span. What the Hell is he talking about?

“He scaled the summit of power, but his mind never strayed from the people of his beloved West Virginia.”

Well, that’s certainly true. He was a champion porker who tried to transfer about half the federal government to West Viriginia.

“He held the deepest respect of members of both parties.”

Oh please. Everyone’s thought for years that he’s basically nuts, haranguing the country from the Senate floor about all sorts of nonsense.

I don’t know if I actually believe that he’s dead, because everyone kept expecting him to die for years and he never would. But assuming he is, Mr. President, you especially have an obligation to state all the facts of his life.

And that goes for Biden too, who this afternoon released his own statement failing to even allude to the evil section of Byrd’s life.

One Response to Obama Glosses Over Byrd’s Klan Ties

  1. Racism is the result of the tribal instinct humans have inbred.
    If there isn’t a skin color difference, then the tribal instinct chooses who lives in what village, or which side of the river to discriminate against. It’s the basic survival mode. IMO, anyway.
    Sen Byrd was a man of the times and place. I thought the KKK was radical and violent, but each of us is free to express our opinions, no matter what others think.