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Obama and Medvedev Agree on Chickens

President Obama and Russian President Medvedev this afternoon held a press conference at which the main topic was chickens, with a nod to the war in Afghanistan.

And then there was the usual stuff about how the alliance is strengthening and blah blah blah, whatever, but the news was chickens.

Your chickens are disgusting but we'll take them.

Obama and Medvedev – or more accurately, their aides who know whatever this is all about –  resolved some kind of dispute Russia and the United States have been having for years over U.S. chicken exports to Russia. Such disputes are helping prevent Russia from getting into the WTO, and Obama said he hoped negotiators could get over some of the technical issues on a WTO deal this fall.

Russia is now taking our chickens, and they’re going to love them. I sure do, especially after they have been dipped in batter with seven herbs and spices and fried.

Obama was also asked about McChrystal, and he said everyone running the Afghan war is on the same page, which is not true at all. He added that he’s not firing anyone else, which is probably also untrue.

You're so funny. Our chickens are really juicy. You'll love them.

Medvedev said he hadn’t given the president any advice on how to win a war in Afghanistan, which is fortunate since Russia doesn’t know how to win a war in Afghanistan. The Russkie added that “we will support and back the efforts of the U.S.,” forgetting for a moment Russian efforts to close the critical U.S. air base in Kyrgyzstan.

And the Russian president appeared to be implicitly criticizing Obama’s timetable of beginning withdrawal from Afghanistan by July 2011, saying the work to prevent a repeat of Russian’s disaster in the country would take more than a year.

“As far as our own experience, well-known experience as concerned, I’d very much like to see the Afghan people in near future having an effective state and a modern economy, and– which requires toiling and more than a year, but this is the path to guarantee that the – the most – the gravest scenarios of the — of the last time will not repeat,” he said.

The two then headed across the street for a “U.S.-Russian Business Summit,” strolling down the White House driveway in temperatures approaching 100 degrees, with humidity, which Russians really, really don’t like.

Obama figured it would look cool if he took off his jacket. Medvedev then followed, figuring he didn’t want to look like and idiot sweating next to the chillin’ Obama.

Obama and Medvedev

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