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Obama Still Meeting With BP Execs

What was supposed to be a 20 minute meeting between President Obama and the top brass at BP has now gone on for more than three hours.

George Condon
George Condon of CongressDaily can bear to wait no longer

No word on what they are talking about yet. Journalists waiting for the BP officials to appear at the White House mikes appear ready to collapse. They’ve been standing the whole time in the heat waiting IN CASE the BP officials come out, and an insulting burst of rain just sent us all scurrying inside.

It seems though, that after weeks of the White House minimizing the president’s failure to gather with BP chieftans, there is actually something for them to talk about. Eight weeks after the well burst open, BP officials are finally talking directly to Obama and his top aides, and the discussions appear substantive.

It’s not clear if the president has been in on the whole session, but given that his statement that was slated to follow the meeting has been bumped way back it’s a good guess he’s been in on much of it.

Obama now plans to address the press at 2:30, meaning the session is about to break. The rain has chased him indoors too, with the White House scotching his Rose Garden appearance in favor remarks inside the State Dining Room.