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BP Chairman: “We Care About the Small People”

BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg announced at the White House today that BP cares about “the small people” harmed by his company’s oil spill, contradicting widespread assumptions that the company was looking to screw them. Svanberg, who emerged just moments ago from a meeting with President Obama and other top White House officials, said he sensed Obama’s concern with people in the Gulf who are more

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BP Agrees to $20B Compensation Fund

President Barack Obama announced that BP has agreed to a $20 billion compensation fund to be run by White House “pay Czar” Ken Feinberg, who also administered the effort to provide payments to victims of 9/11. Obama spoke at the White House following a meeting with BP executives. Appeals on claims can also be made to a three-person appeals panel. Feinberg is currently in charge

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Obama Still Meeting With BP Execs

What was supposed to be a 20 minute meeting between President Obama and the top brass at BP has now gone on for more than three hours. No word on what they are talking about yet. Journalists waiting for the BP officials to appear at the White House mikes appear ready to collapse. They’ve been standing the whole time in the heat waiting IN CASE

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Obama Morning News || June 16, 2010

With Oval Office Address, Obama Goes on Offense . . . New York Times Obama Avoids Mention of Cap and Trade . . . POLITICO Strained Ties Between White House and BP . . . Washington Post Obama Taps New MMS Chief . . . Washington Post Oil Spill Could be 60,000 Gallons Per Day . . . Los Angeles Times Obama Besieged on Many

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Obama and Biden Mess Up the BP Brass

The White House meeting today between  President Obama, Vice President Biden, and BP’s top execs will begin at 10:15 am ET and end at 10:35 am. It is possible that 20 minutes not enough time to get substantive work done. We’re optimists, but here is how the meeting is nevertheless likely to go: 10:10 am: BP executives nervously take their places in the Oval Office.

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