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Golf! Golf! Golf is Back

The Original post from Friday night:

Obama nixed it last weekend, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be back on the course again tomorrow since the press pool that follows him around has been ordered to assemble at the White House bright and early.

Since I doubt he’s headed to Shul for Shabbat services, it looks like GOLF.

I don’t lame him. The guy’s got to relax. Leave him alone.

Would that he could take a mulligan on the oil spill.

He’ll do eighteen holes and be back at the White House by around noon for lunch and some lecturing from Michelle about why can’t he just hang out with the family. Then he’ll get the girls together and watch the U.S. kick some ass against Britain. Just guessing, but I’ll bet I’m right.

Tonight he’s taking in the show “Thurgood” at the Kennedy Center, starring Laurence Fishburne.

UPDATE #1 (Saturday): It turns out he’s off to Malia’s soccer game. The Dossier guessed wrong. But the Dossier doubles down and predicts golf instead of church tomorrow. Or, at the very least, no church. But that’s an easy one.

UPDATE #2 (Sunday): Indeed, the president just arrived at Andrews Air Force  Base to play golf, despite the sweltering heat.