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Obama Gives Doctors Wet Kiss

President Barack Obama slapped a sloppy wet kiss on the grateful faces of the nation’s doctors this morning, devoting an entire weekly address to the topic of giving physicians federal money they’re not supposed to get.

During the struggle over the health care bill, one of the major coups scored by the White House was securing the backing of the American Medical Association. Though most doctors don’t actually belong the the AMA, the White House was able to tout the group’s support as a signal that America’s leading health professionals were behind them. And who could disagree with doctors on what’s good for health care?

Obama dressed as a doctorDoctors have historically been concerned that “health reform” would end them up as de facto government employees. But Obama’s sharp political team got the AMA on board anyway, and it helped build momentum for passage.

So today, Obama recited a love letter of thanks to the AMA, devoting his weekly address to getting them their pound of flesh.

Every year Congress, whether led by Republicans or Democrats, ritually takes back its promise to cut doctors’ Medicare payments. But this year, with Republicans pretending they are serious about cutting spending and Mad as Hell at doctors for backing Obamacare, there is a battle over whether to perform the annual rite.

So Obama is taking time off from his “Message: I care” campaign on the Gulf oil spill to pay back his physician friends.

BTW, the “budget-neutral” health reform law ASSUMES DOCTORS INCUR MEDICARE PAYMENT CUTS. But, you know, that was just put in for laughs. Weren’t you in on the joke?

You can see the president’s his message of love below.

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  1. The AMA is, I believe, 17% of doctors and everyone knew the doctor’s fix was coming. Why do you think the costs on this thing will spew out of control faster than a BP “leak”? But if doctors don’t get this, more will stop taking care of Medicare patients and when the time comes, anyone else. The time? 2014.

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