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Obama to Press Israel to Loosen Blockade

From the Q & A with reporters in a brief media availability at the White House with Palestinian President Abbas:

It seems to us that there should be ways of focusing narrowly on arms shipments, rather than focusing in a blanket way on stopping everything and then, in a piecemeal way, allowing things into Gaza.

Looks like the ploy by extremist-linked elements to send a flotilla toward Gaza to test the blockade is working.

Obama also made clear he wants a full accounting from the Israelis:

I’ve said to the Israelis directly and certainly my team has communicated the fact that it is in Israel’s interest to make sure that everybody knows exactly how this happened so that we don’t see these kinds of events occurring again. And we expect that — the standard that was called for in the U.N. Security Council to be met.

Israel is surely thanking the president for looking after its “interest” for it.

And on a separate but related note, the White House has just announced that President Obama has appointed Helen Thomas as its new Special Ambassador to the Middle East.

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