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I Want to Kicketh Thy Ass

A former Constitutional law professor yesterday said he has been trying to figure out “whose ass to kick” in order to solve the oil spill crisis in the Gulf.

The professor, who recently got a job as president of the United States, has been accused of failing to show emotion as the crisis winds on and criticized for not banging enough heads.

With the statement, he is making history by becoming the first president to use the word “ass” in public since Lincoln said of Gen. George McClellan, “Oh, what an ass.”

However, several observers believe  they heard the exact same phrase as Lincoln’s  muttered quietly much more recently –  by former President Bill Clinton, when he was introduced at a state dinner to the actress Jennifer Aniston.

Below, we see a video for the former Constutional law professor uttering the word “ass.” It’s about two thirds the way through.

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4 Responses to I Want to Kicketh Thy Ass

  1. Does the president even HAVE handlers anymore? Where are Axelrod and the other rods? This comment was so phony and tacky, it surpassed his other calculated “rants” by a mile. What people mean when they say get angry, Mr P, is pretend to give a flip. Have a little oomph. Quit gliding on and off your choppers and podiums and put some feeling into it, and not some trecly and improbable story about what your young daughter said, either! Yes, the flyovers are full of clingers and people with funny accents, them. Deal with it. Many (at least here in your hated AZ) are broke, desperate, ticked off, and maybe even have a good idea or two. The same goes for Louisiana and the other Gulf states.