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Issa To Probe Possible Gambling in Nevada

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform ranking member Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has determined it is possible there is gambling going on right at this minute throughout the state of Nevada and has launched in federal probe into the matter.

Darrell Issa“We have gotten reports of large rooms in the city of Las Vegas without clocks where people can get free drinks from sexy waitresses,” Issa said. “In addition, there are eyewitness who are prepared to testify before the committee about so-called ‘lounges’ where people actually pay large sums of money to listen to Barry Manillow and Celine Dion. We believe this may be evidence that some person or groups of persons are operating casinos.”

According to a report in POLITICO today, Issa will also begin a parallel investigation into whether political appointees in the Obama administration are conducting political travel. Issa “sent a letter Thursday to 21 Cabinet secretaries and department heads seeking details on their political and official travel since February 2009,” according to the piece.

In addition, Issa issued subpoenas to former members of the Bush administration seeking the return of the frequent flier miles they had accumulated during their own political travel. According to records compiled by Issa’s staff, Bush appointees racked up the mileage equivalent a space ship trip to Neptune and back.

Oh, wait a second, strike that last paragraph. I think I misread something.