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White House Admits Messina Called Romanoff

The White House acknowledged this morning that political guru and Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina called Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff to see if he was interested in a job with administration instead of running in the Democratic primary against Sen. Michael Bennet.

In a a statement, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says Messina was calling to check if Romanoff was still wanted in a job he had already applied for with USAID. But Gibbs admits that Messina’s motivation was to see if he could get Romanoff out of the race and avoid a damaging primary runoff.

Now, here’s the really fun part, and it’s why you must listen very closely to anything that comes out of the White House. When we first noted a Denver Post report on this last week, we wrote that the White House had denied “offering” a job. As I mentioned in the post, the word “offering” was meaningless because it depends on the definition of the word.

So now we see – turns out they pressuring Romanoff to take a job he’d already applied for, not quite an offer. Though since he had applied for the job almost a year earlier, it’s a de facto offer since it seems his application wasn’t doing too well.

And BTW, during the Gibbs briefing today, please don’t listen to assurances that this is all just nothing. When the White House releases a statement at6:26 am in the morning, it ain’t about nothing. They decided to respond after the AP had gotten busy yesterday on the original Denver Post piece.

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