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My Article in Politico

Hey gang, hope you will all check out my piece in POLITICO, Obama Fails the Test of Leadership. Just went up a little while ago.

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4 Responses to My Article in Politico

  1. I think you make a good point in that, Mr. Obama, while attempting to inadvertantly align himself, if you will, with the ‘greats’ of American leadership, POTUS is still in the thick of handling BP, and this is an issue which will prevade his presidency for months to come. Whether it’s for the better or not.

  2. Keith, I enjoy your analytical reporting, but this debut at “politico” is disappointing in it’s lack of analysis. Teddy Roosevelt was not covered 24/7, and critiqued for his leadership in every daily news cycle. He identified large problems and found the people and means to address them. I suspect that is the hidden message in Obama’s reading list. It’s also a tweek at Republican who have dropped Roosevelt from their hagiography, because he found that the best solution to many of these big problems was a empowered bigger government.

    • Alan,
      Thanks, I appreciate your thoughtful comment. I understand your point, but I think Gibbs’ message was also a more visceral one of Obama = TR, and my point is that Obama’s failure to steer this crisis in a way that’s meaningful to Americans fails the Great Man test. Not saying Obama can’t ever get there, just that he’s not.