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Obama Meets With Arizona Gov. Brewer

Obama and Arizona’s Republican Gov. Jan Brewer got together this afternoon in the Oval Office for a meeting that I’m sure was nice and uncomfortable for both of them.

Obama and Brewer
Mr. President, I'm going to say a prayer now.

According to a Readout from the White House, Obama vowed to stem illegal immigration, understood everyone’s frustration, “partner” with people and yada yada yada.

The statement only gets to the good stuff at the end, when it finally addresses what must have been the big elephant in the room, Arizona’s new immigration law. Opponents say it will promote racial profiling. And of course on this, Obama was as careful as, well, as careful as a former law professor.

Regarding Arizona law SB1070, the President reiterated his concern with the measure, including that a patchwork of different state immigration regulations around the country would interfere with the federal government’s responsibility to set and enforce immigration policy.

So the big problem is of course just some kind of technical issue, like FBI guys might accidentally shoot local undercover police who were doing the same sting operation, or state and federal bureaucrats might get their red tape mixed up. Nothing on whether state police are going to be dragging busboys out of restaurants and shipping them back over the border because they said something in Spanish.

Why so polite? Because the White House is towing a nice and careful line on this. It doesn’t want to make Hispanic voters mad, and it doesn’t want to make voters who cling to their guns or religion mad again – i.e. average white voters concerned about excessive immigration and too-rapid cultural change – and possibly lose Arizona and other places in 2012.

4 Responses to Obama Meets With Arizona Gov. Brewer

  1. I live in AZ and the way the Arizona Republic reported it, Brewer said at least she had a timeline to hold the govt accountable for. Is “soon” a timeline?

  2. The constant calling of ‘racism’ and discrimination of ‘brown’ people is repeated over and over by just about everyone, right and left.
    Mexicans are not ‘brown’ skinned people. The are every skin tone as are American White people. Mexicans have a genetic tie to the Spainards who conquered their country many years ago and Spainards are not ‘brown’ people.
    Check out the actors and people on your local Spanish speaking TV stations and you will not find many ‘brown’ people but you will see blondes, brunettes, redheads with freckles.
    So, how are we going to identify illegal aliens in Arizona? when the pick-up truck has 22 passengers, when the Border patrol catches them going over or under the fence, when informants tell the police about illegals working with stolen identities and papers and when the neighbors complain about the 65 residents of the 3-bedroom house across the street. That’s how.

  3. I agree with srdem65–and I am particularly worried about how illegals are raped, held prisoner, and ransomed, even after they have paid. Sure, they are breaking the law–but the laws the coyotes are worse…A cop stopping a windowless van full of women who can’t speak English or raiding a house where many, many people come and go and vans pull up, even in Arizona, that cop can tell this doesn’t pass the snff test–and he or she may save someone’s life asking for those documents. I live in what we call a working class neighborhood and I am afraid of a wrongful assault on my house by the police, but what is going on is terrible and I may line up with the cops on this one–don’t tell anyone.