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Obama Told to Make DNI Paramount

In the type of reporting that has become increasingly rare, POLITICO”s Josh Gerstein has unearthed details of a recently completed Presidential Intelligence Advisory Board report which recommends that the president streamline the intelligence chain of command to make it clear that the Director of National Intelligence is the undisputed boss of the community.

Former DNI Dennis Blair was forced out last week after losing turf wars to CIA Director Leon Panetta and generally having trouble bossing the other intel chiefs around. The report was delivered to Obama just days before Blair got his walking papers, according to Gerstein.

Gerstein’s blog Under the Radar includes language from the report he purloined. With reporters busy posting the to web all day, appearing on TV, and doing the jobs of the other reporters who have been laid off, such scoops on the inner workings of our government are increasingly unusual, much to everyone’s detriment.

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