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Obama: Republicans Bad, Me Good

UPDATE: Obama delivered as promised, with far more passion than he showed in the news conference last week discussing the oil spill.

Well, the nice children at Carnegie Mellon today are in for a full throated roar of political rhetoric from the erstwhile Priest of Change. Election Day is still five months away, but it’s not too soon for Obama to launch into some enthusiastic GOP bashing. Here’s an excerpt from a speech he’ll be giving later today at the school:

As November approaches, leaders in the other party will campaign furiously on the same economic argument they’ve been making for decades.  Fortunately, we don’t have to look back too many years to see how it turns out.  For much of the last ten years, we tried it their way.  They gave tax cuts that weren’t paid for to millionaires who didn’t need them.  They gutted regulations, and put industry insiders in charge of industry oversight.  They shortchanged investments in clean energy and education; in research and technology.  And despite all their current moralizing about the need to curb spending, this is the same crowd who took the record $237 billion surplus that President Clinton left them and turned it into a record $1.3 trillion deficit.

But of course the president will tip his hat to his old self, acknowledging that Republicans have the right to their own philosophy. But he might as well have added that Hitler did too, given the way he frames it.

But to be fair, a good deal of the other party’s opposition to our agenda has also been rooted in their sincere and fundamental belief about government.  It’s a belief that government has little or no role to play in helping this nation meet our collective challenges.  It’s an agenda that basically offers two answers to every problem we face:  more tax breaks for the wealthy and fewer rules for corporations.

Speech is at 1:30. He’ll also talk about why the Gulf oil spill means we need more alternative energy and yada yada yada. We”ll live stream it anyway.

UPDATE: Obama brought recently dethroned and now lame duck Sen. Arlen Specter on board Air Force One for the trip.