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The Gores are Splitsville

The reaction to the news Al and Tipper Gore will separate,  broken today by POLITICO news machine Mike Allen, was shocking to everyone. I mean, we all remembers The Big Political Kiss at the 2000 Dem convention designed to loosen up Gore’s image, right? Gore apparently shot up with about a litre of testosterone and started ravaging his wife on the dais with the abandon of Tiger Woods.


But today’s news was particularly unsettling for veteran White House journalists, who are presently walking around the press room looking at each other like “wasn’t it the other couple that was supposed to go down?”

Those of us who reported on the Lewinsky scandal felt there was a damn good chance that this was the end for Hill-Bill. But alas, that marriage and all its pathologies survived extinction and continues to walk the earth today. Back during the Clinton administration, the word in the White House on the Gores was that they were completely, irrevocably, and just crazy in love. In fact, they were said to be doing it at the drop of hat, wherever they could.

But alas no more. To the marriage of Al and Tipper Gore, which wasn’t supposed to end, RIP.

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