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White House Press Pool Standoff With Farrakhan Agents

UPDATE: Standoff between Farrakhan’s goons and White House Press Pool in Chicago ends as “Fruit of Islam” members back away. Here’s the final pool report.

There is an interesting little scene playing out near the Chicago residence of Marty Nesbitt, a presidential pal whom the Obama’s are visiting tonight. It appears the press pool that follows Obama in the motorcade has had its black vans parked at the foot of the home of none other than one Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan of course has his very own security detail who have not taken a liking to the black vans and are muttering something about the “CIA” having arrived.

According to pool reports filed by New York Times reporter Jackie Calmes, the Secret Service agent babysitting the press pool refused a demand that the vans leave and then introduced himself as a member of the Secret Service.

The Farrakhan agents then began filming the press van and the reporters and glaring at them. One approached the van and stood mute until finally being told to move away by the Secret Service agent. He did.  Three agents then came up as reinforcements, talked to the now nearly two dozen Nation of Islam types hanging around, but then left.

The standoff continues. Updates coming.

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