In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


White House Press Pool Standoff With Farrakhan Agents

UPDATE: Standoff between Farrakhan’s goons and White House Press Pool in Chicago ends as “Fruit of Islam” members back away. Here’s the final pool report. There is an interesting little scene playing out near the Chicago residence of Marty Nesbitt, a presidential pal whom the Obama’s are visiting tonight. It appears the press pool that follows Obama in the motorcade has had its black vans

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Rahm, Bill, Sestak and the Media

I’m enjoying the emerging Mainstream Media narrative that the White House did nothing wrong with regard to Sestak except fail to release the information earlier, and that doing so would have avoided all this distracting brouhahah. Actually, sitting on this was the thing they did right. Chris Cillizza of WashPost talks to mainly Dem strategists about how this is just a political screw up and

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Obama Morning News || May 29, 2010

Bill Clinton: Obama’s Mr. Fix It . . . Washington Post Obama Inspects Beach Threatened by Spill . . . Associated Press White House: Sestak Offer Was Proper . . . McClatchy Newspapers Obama’s Gitmo Plan Takes Another Hit . . . Washington Times Obama May Veto ‘Don’t Ask’ Over Funding Issue . . . POLITICO

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