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White House: Nothing Improper on Sestak

White House counsel Robert Bauer just released a memorandum admitting that chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used former President  Bill Clinton to try to get Rep. Joe Sestak out of the primary race against Sen. Arlen Specter by offering Sestak an unpaid advisory position to the administration.  Sestak would have retained his House seat.

But Bauer says other administrations did the same thing and there’s nothing wrong with it. “Such discussions are fully consistent with the relevant law and ethical requirements,” Bauer writes. He argues that Sestak was “highly qualified” for the positions he was offered.

Here is a copy Bauer’s Sestak Memorandum for you to peruse.

Questions to mull:

1. Rahm loves to use the phone. If all of this is so kosher, why didn’t he just do it himself?

2. Did Obama’s decision not to campaign against Sestak in the final days of the campaign have anything to do with concern about this info coming out?

3. If Sestak had accepted the offer, was the White House planning to let everyone know about the cute deal it had struck?

And of course:

4. WHAT DID OBAMA KNOW AND WHEN DID HE KNOW IT? Did the president countenance this deal? Did he initiate it?

Happy Memorial Day vacation, Mr. President.

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