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Depends What the Meaning of ‘Retired’ Is

Uhhh boy. At at time when former presidents are supposed to be politely taking mulligans after screwing up their tee shots, Bill Clinton is back on the center stage of U.S. politics, serving as a political fixer for the Obama White House.

Tom DeLay tried to put a stake through his heart; Ken Starr tried to put a stake through his heart; his own heart tried to put a stake through his heart; but Bill Clinton will not be kept down.

Bill ClintonNow let’s face it, a president who chose to have his zaftig college aged mistress squeezed under the JFK Oval Office desk performing fellatio on him while he spoke with a U.S. Congressman admittedly could not be expected to perform the role of ex-president with the dignity of Nelson Mandela. But, really, of all people – was there NO ONE else capable of delivering Rahm’s message to Sestak to get out the Specter race?

Adding to this unpleasant deja vu is the sight of Clinton doing the Clinton Dissimulation Dance on the Larry King show last September, as reported by POLITICO’s Josh Gerstein at the time. Here’s a typically Clintonesque quote – delivered after he had made his offer to Sestak – from Josh’s story. Larry King was focusing on White House efforts then in the news to get New York Gov. David Paterson not to run. There’s no mention of the Sestak deal attempt, which no one knew about at the time.

“When I was involved, the most I ever did was to say that if somebody decided not to run and they wanted to continue in public service, I’d find something for them to do, because I think there a lot of good people who, for reasons beyond their control, can’t be re-elected,” the former president said.

This is so Clinton. You know, he’s just trying to help out, you know, just trying to keep someone busy if they don’t want to run for the Senate so that they don’t have to go flipping burgers at McDonald’s or something.

Clinton’s comments even gave Josh the impression that he was CRITICIZING the very White House tactics that he secretly was involved in.

And what on earth was Clinton doing at the White House yesterday with the U.S. men’s soccer team? And what were they doing at the White House? They haven’t even won anything yet. I wonder if  Clinton had any consultations on Sestakgate when he was at the White House.

Yup, a fun touch of Clinton at the Obama White House.

You know what, Bill, please don’t retire.  Ever.

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  1. To Note: WSJ A3….Offer to sestak ran through Clinton. POTUS tapped Bill last year trying to nudge Dem. Sestak out of Penn’s Senate primary seat.

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