As of now, I am in control here, in the White House


Check out this video put out by the White House of Obama talking BBall with Marv Albert. I was so surprised that Albert just tore into him, eviscerating the president with a rapid fire, pointed inquisition that shamed the likes of David Gregory and George Stephanpdlskdfhkhis. Yeah, well, NOT. Okay, sportscasters aren’t supposed to be cross examiners. But Albert added to my dismay by feeding Obama a beautiful pass on the Arizona immigration law which the president took right to the net.

Got to hand it to Gibbs, he knows how to present his man. Two dudes just chatting on the exquisite White House basketball court about sports. I can’t help myself. I enjoyed the video.

A couple of observations:

1. Obama KNOWS basketball. Where does he get the time to watch though?

2. Obama’s hair is turning gray faster than that of any modern president.

3. The president apparently thinks he has the power to set ticket prices. Are the concession stands next? Hope so.


5 Responses to Yesss!!

  1. They all turn grey amazingly fast. It is a hard job, like Bush 43 said. Clinton loved to watch hoops and I love that Obama actually plays. Clinton loved the college game… I think Obama has a better read on the NBA. Interesting.
    (Great blog… good luck).

    • Mike, thanks so much. All I’m lacking is the wittiest press secretary of them all – though Gibbs is not bad – to produce great copy for me and make my life easy! Hope you are doing well and so glad you enjoy the blog.

    • Linda, thanks and thank you so much for your help on this. Though it may be the thing that really gets my own hair going gray!

  2. God, I get tired of the fawning over Obama because he is some kind of basketball genius. Last year, his NCAA picks were all favorites and he was declared brilliant. This year, when his favorites didn’t win, nobody pointed out that the doesn’t know more than anybody else.
    And we hear endlessly about him playing hoops, when the game he truly loves and spends hours on is golf.