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Trump Releases 3,000 People from Prison, Many of Them Black. Where’s the Press?

Where is all the reporting about this?

Almost nothing. A major change in our crime laws. Thousand of inmates released because of legislation, the First Step Act, negotiated by the White House with Democrats and signed by President Trump.

As the Fox Business host says in the video below, if Barack Obama had done this, it would have been all anyone was talking about, complete with dramatic stories about how the president was helping give people another chance.

Video || Trump DoD Nominee Refuses to Commit Not to Lobby; Warren Goes Bonkers

Kind of fun.

Here’s some of the service to the country by Defense Secretary nominee Mark Esper that Elizabeth Warren casually discounts. Via Wikipedia:

Esper served as an infantry officer with the 101st Airborne Division and deployed with the “Screaming Eagles” for the 1990–91 Gulf War. His battalion was part of the famous “left hook” that led to the defeat of the Iraqi Army. For his actions, Esper was awarded a Bronze Star, the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, and various service medals.[11] He later led an Airborne Rifle Company in Europe and served as an army fellow at the Pentagon.[10] Esper was on active duty for over ten years before transitioning to the District of Columbia Army National Guard and later the Army Reserve, rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel.[13] Esper is a recipient of the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service. Among his military awards and decorations are the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, the Kuwait Liberation Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal – Saudi Arabia, and the Combat Infantryman Badge.[14]

Meantime, Elizabeth Warren was pretending to be a Native American so she could advance her career. I’m just saying!

Video || Trump Says He Was “Not Happy” With “Send Her Back” Chant

I’m glad he did this, at least.

President Trump Thursday said he disagreed with supporters at his rally in Greenville, North Carolina, who began chanting “send her back” when he spoke about Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, a Somali immigrant.

Trump claimed he tried to quell the chant by quickly beginning to speak over it.

“I was not happy with it — I disagree with it,” he said.

Of course, the chant was prompted by his own tweet Sunday, which called for sending her back to Somalia — and sending three other leftist congresswomen back to unknown destinations, given that they were born in the United States.

He has not disavowed the tweet. He should. Maybe that would put an end to such ugly, disappointing chants.

Poll: Mexicans​ Want Transiting Migrants Deported Back to Their Countries

Wait, what??

I thought we were the only intolerant people on earth!

Oh, this must have been so hard for the Washington Post to write. But it turns out other countries take rational positions about illegal immigrant crossing their borders too.

According to the Post:

Mexicans are deeply frustrated with immigrants after a year of heightened migration from Central America through the country, according to a survey conducted by The Washington Post and Mexico’s Reforma newspaper. 

More than 6 in 10 Mexicans say migrants are a burden on their country because they take jobs and benefits that should belong to Mexicans. A 55 percent majority supports deporting migrants who travel through Mexico to reach the United States.

Those findings defy the perception that Mexico — a country that has sent millions of its own migrants to the United States, sending billions of dollars in remittances — is sympathetic to the surge of Central Americans. Instead, the data suggests Mexicans have turned against the migrants transiting through their own country, expressing antipathy that would be familiar to many supporters of President Trump north of the border. 

Video || Trump Mocks a Protestor and Attacks Ilhan Omar

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Republicans Start Targeting “The Squad”

These four will be the gift that keeps on giving. My understanding is that Nancy Pelosi can’t stand them and that the Democratic leadership is aghast that four women with no experience and representing just a few districts are the tail wagging the Democratic dog. Below is an RNC video capitalizing on their actions and… Continue Reading

Trump Schedule || Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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