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White House Briefing Wednesday Again to be Off-Camera

Well, this is going to cause the MSM to go ballistic, given that yesterday’s briefing was also off camera.

Once again, Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be ringmaster. Ringmistress? No, that doesn’t sound right, best to stay with the sexist male version of the term. Looks like Sean Spicer is increasingly fading into the background.

Remember, off camera is not off the record.

Funny, I remember when I was covering the Monica Lewinsky scandal during the Clinton administration, Bill Clinton didn’t take any questions from reporters for about a year. I don’t recall much of a hue and cry.

White House to Keep Visitor Logs Secret

The White House plans to keep logs of visitors to the White House complex secret, the Washington Examiner reported.

In an announcement Friday, the White House cited national security risks and privacy concerns of visitors as the primary reason the Trump administration is breaking with President Obama’s policy of logging all visitors.

The administration is calling the logs “presidential records” that are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

According to Time, the White House expects criticism but Trump wants to get advice from people who would like discretion.

White House Intruder Wandered Around South Lawn for 20 Minutes

Well, looks like they’ve fixed all the problems guarding the White House. I mean, seriously? Why don’t they just fire these guys and buy a German Shepherd?

The latest accused White House fence jumper was on the grounds for about 20 minutes before he walked up to the back door of the White House and approached a Secret Service officer and said he had an appointment with the president, two Secret Service sources tell the Washington Examiner.

Even though the Secret Service’s Uniformed Division searched for the intruder after he set off a series of alarms after jumping multiple fences, they only found him when he walked up to the officer posted at the “C-11” position, the back door of the White House’s South Portico that leads into the dignitary reception area, the sources said.

One source said the intruder, identified as Jonathan Tran, walked right up to the back door and startled the officer standing there who didn’t immediately think he was an intruder but some type of contractor because he was wearing khaki pants.

White House on Lockdown After Capitol Shooting

Both the White House and the Capitol were on lockdown early Monday afternoon after a shooting at the Capitol injured one police officer, apparently not seriously. Initial reports suggest there was one shooter and that he was in custody and headed to the hospital, apparently having sustained injuries himself. The White House by mid-afternoon was… Continue Reading

Scolding the Joy Out of a Beautiful Moment

Something of wonder thing occurred at the White House recently. It may still be occurring, although I haven’t seen evidence of it recently. A young red-tailed hawk arrived on the grounds. For city folk like me, it’s a glorious thing to see. I witnessed it the other day on the North Lawn when some smaller birds were chasing… Continue Reading


Oh God. Get some people in the White House press office with at least a rudimentary understanding of English grammar. The White House has now, at least three times that I’ve seen, sent out this announcement about President Obama’s event today at Georgetown University: On Tuesday, May 12, President Obama will participate in a discussion… Continue Reading