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Video || MSM: Democracy is Crumbling!

Do they mean the effort by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign to enlist the Russians in tearing down a presidential candidate?

Do they mean the failure of Hillary Clinton and many Democrats to accept the results of the election?

Do they mean Democratic judges ruling against the clear prerogatives of the president to further their own political agendas?


H/T Washington Free Beacon.

Video || Bill Clinton, Obama and Trump Agree?? on Immigration

Seems like President Trump might not be so radical after all . . . This was done a while ago but I just found it, maybe you haven’t seen it either.

It’s especially interesting to listen to Clinton. My, how Democrats have changed. The used to, only a few short years ago, all oppose gay marriage. Now if you do, you’re a homophobe. They used to want to send illegal immigrants home. Now if you do, you’re a racist.

CNN Admits Trump Tax Cut Helped the Economy

Well this is a nice turn of events. First of all, the economy. Employers added 200,000 jobs last month, a strong number. But even better news was the rise in incomes, which has mostly stagnated under President Obama. And even more surprising news: CNN thinks Trump is partially responsible for it. According to CNN’s Alison… Continue Reading

Video || Trump Booed at Davos After Taking a Shot at the Press

It happens at about the two minute mark in the video below. Here’s what he said about the press. The other thing is, I’ve always seemed to get, for whatever reason, a disproportionate amount of press or media. (Laughter.) Throughout my whole life — somebody will explain someday why — but I’ve always gotten a… Continue Reading

Video || How Late Night Treated Barack Obama

Answer: A little bit of fun needling and plenty of praise. It’s such a disappointment. It has become impossible to watch late night TV, particularly Saturday Night Live, which spends half the show going after Trump, and not particularly cleverly. This segment of a game show hosted by actress Jessica Chastain this past Saturday seemed… Continue Reading