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Video || Trump: Brexit is Good for Me

Donald Trump said in Scotland today that the vote by Britain to leave the European Union is going to help him.

It think he’s right. Even thought we tend to run on a separate track from the rest of the world, Britain is kind of our cousin country, and it will have an effect.

“I think people really see a big parallel . . . people want to take their country back,” Trump said. “I think that it’s happening in the United States. It’s happening by the fact that I’ve done so well in the polls.”

Smart of him to be there as the vote unfolded, associating himself with the result.

Video || Luke Russert’s Fawning Interview with John Lewis

A new low for journalism.

Hate to say it, but Luke’s late father Tim Russert would never have conducted an interview like this. We all knew that Tim Russert was a liberal, but it was obvious he worked very hard to ask everyone the same types of tough questions. That’s what made Meet the Press so great under his stewardship.

His son Luke, working for MSNBC, had this kind of question for civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., who is leading a very political move to gum up the works in the House by staging a “sit-in.”

“Where does this stack up for you in terms of what you have been able to accomplish in this life?”

I would say rather low. The irony, as others have pointed out, is that Lewis back in the 1960s was fighting for civil rights. Now, he is fighting to deny civil rights by engaging in obstructionism to try to move legislation that would revoke the Second Amendment for many innocent people.

Where is a question about that from the young Mr. Russert? Nowhere to be found. This is why when Trump bashes the media, people respond.

Latino Radio Host to Clinton: My Family is Voting Against You

Syndicated Latino radio host Enrique Santos told Hillary Clinton that his whole family hates her, and what’s she gonna do about it?

“My father’s voting for Trump because he says that he can’t trust you. My mother says you’re a crook and my brother says you should go to jail,” he said. “How would you convince them to sit on your side of the field?”

He’s a supporter, it seems. His family, not so much.

Stop listening to the “relentless . . . ridiculous, untrue attacks, Clinton responded

Well, the attacks are relentless. But ridiculous and untrue? Sorry, can’t quite agree.

It seems Trump’s efforts to label Clinton negatively are already sticking, though of course others got the ball rolling with her long ago. It’s like the way he went after his primary opponents — while over the top, his categorizations stuck because there was a strong element of truth to them. With Hillary, the examples of her corruption are so legion, it’s hard to go over the top.

Despite his rhetoric, Trump’s support among Latinos is not far off the 27 percent Mitt Romney got in 2012. I think a lot of Hispanics will find Trump’s strong character appealing. Machismo, after all, is a Spanish word.

Video || Trump: Obama More Angry at Me Than the Shooter

Because for Obama, it’s all about him. This was the worst terrorist attack in the United States since 9/11. It wasn’t a time to go after your political enemies.

Trump’s call to ban all Muslim immigration is a step too far for me. He should instead focus the ban on regions where terrorists are coming from. But Trump is right that trying to pretend the terrorism isn’t coming from within the Muslim religion is a dangerous omission that hinders us from addressing the problem.

A fireman has to aim his hose at the apartment that’s on fire. Otherwise, the whole building will burn down.

Obama Blasts Trump for Focus on Muslims

President Obama today delivered and emotional rebuttal to Donald Trump, castigating the presumptive Republican nominee for his proposals to ban Muslim immigration and for his call on Muslims to do more to expose terrorists within their communities. Obama spoke at the Treasury Department following a meeting with his national security team: We now have proposals… Continue Reading

Video || Trump: No One Should be Judged by Race or Color

Donald Trump Friday kept tiptoeing away from his attacks against Mexican-American Judge Gonlanzo Curiel, who is presiding over the Trump Universtiy trial, feeling his inner Martin Luther King during an address to evangelicals at the Faith and Freedom conference in Washington. “No one should be judged by their race or their color, and the color… Continue Reading