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Biden Expects Gitmo to Close by the End of Obama’s Presidency

Vice President Biden said Thursday it is his “hope and expectation” that the U.S. Guantanamo Bay prison facility in Cuba will close before President Obama leaves office.

Biden spoke during a press conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven in Stockholm.

President Obama appears to be relentlessly determined, no matter the cost to national security, to follow through on his “promise” to close Gitmo. This is pettiness in the extreme, the determination of one egocentric man to not have his will denied.

Obama already has set loose from Gitmo, or sent to countries where they will be less securely held, many dangerous bad guys. Some have rejoined the battlefield and are fighting alongside other Islamist militants overseas. Others may be coming soon to a shopping mall, movie complex, megachurch, or skyscraper near you.

All to give one man a sense of satisfaction.

Earnest: Iran Payment Shows Obama’s “Tough Diplomatic Strategy”

Wow. If paying ransom for hostages is Obama’s “tough diplomatic strategy,” I’d dread seeing what his weak one is.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today said that in fact there were not two “tracks” to the Iran negotiations, as we had thought all along, but three. One to give the Iranians nuclear weapons, a second to settle an old “debt” that we had previously decided to keep BECAUSE YOU CAN’T BE INDEBTED TO PEOPLE WHO TAKE YOU EMBASSY PERSONNEL HOSTAGE but now we’re paying it back, and a third to arrange “a mutual prisoner release.”

I know, it’s confusing, but these people are much smarter than you and me and don’t worry, they’ve got it all sorted out.

Video || Trump’s First Ad Focuses on Security

This is a pretty good idea, I think, because a lot of the problem he is facing is that people don’t feel secure with him as president. So this addresses two things, Trump’s personal weakness, particularly with women, who don’t know if they want to give him power, and that the world under the Obama-Clinton foreign policy has become a very insecure place and a strong leader can make it safer.