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Video || Best Moments of the GOP New Hampshire Debate

Here were my favorite moments from the Republican debate.

First, they blew the intros. Never seen anything like it.

Soon after takeoff, Chris Christie completely took apart Marco Rubio.

And finally, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush sparred over eminent domain. I thought Trump won by invoking Establishment support for Bush and not caring about the boos.

Let us know what you thought about the debate!

Video || Hillary: I Can’t be Bought!

“Anybody who knows me knows you can’t buy me,” Hillary says, one of the great non sequiturs of the campaign so far. Like, that line would get a laugh on Saturday Night Live.

She’s responding to the possibility of a negative attack ad by Sen. Bernie Sanders. Note how she wails against him for going negative with personal attacks. She doesn’t like it, not because she can’t play that game, but because she know she presents so much negative material for Bernie to use.