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Kerry Claims the Goal Wasn’t to End Iran’s Nuclear Program

I don’t know – how does he think he can get away with saying something that simply isn’t true?

I guess because they get away with such things all the time.

The administration keep claiming it wasn’t trying to dismantle Iran’s nuclear program. But officials, including President Obama, repeatedly said and suggested that’s exactly what they wanted.

Here’s some video contrasting Secretary of State John Kerry during his Senate testimony today with – Secretary of State John Kerry.

Oh, and here’s Obama during his debate with Mitt Romney:

The work that we’ve done with respect to sanctions now offers Iran a choice. They can take the diplomatic route and end their nuclear program or they will have to face a united world and a United States president, me, who said we’re not going to take any options off the table.

Uh, if he meant nuclear weapons program, he would have said it.

Here’s some more great video from Kerry’s testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in which Sen. Bob Menenedez, D-N.J., reminds him that the sanctions the White House constantly touts as having forced Iran to cry uncle were in reality opposed by the White House.

Actually, of course, if you take a look at the deal, Iran never really cried “uncle.” Maybe “cousin.”

Koffler on TV Set Discussing Trump

I was on the Newsmax’s The Hard Line with Ed Berliner show Wednesday evening talking about Donald Trump. I mention his massive PR triumph Thursday in heading to the Texas border – none of the other candidates will be able to get any coverage.

So just before the interview starts, I’m sitting at home in my suit and tie in front of my computer waiting for the Skype to get rolling when they inform me there’s problems with the hookup and we’ll have to do it by phone.

So instead of video they used this photo of me I put on the Internets because I looked like a jerk and I thought it was funny . . . At least I was seven years younger and had less gray hair!

“The Hard Line” with Emmy award-winning host Ed Berliner can be seen weeknights 9pm ET on NewsmaxTV, which is found on DirecTV at channel 349, DISH 223, Verizon FiOS 115.

Video || Lindsey Graham Destroys His Cell Phone

Lindsey Graham made this cute video of him using various methods to destroy his cell phone after The Donald gave out his cell phone number.

Fine, a nice little bit of PR for Lindsey, courtesy of Trump. But I’d like to know what Graham’s doing with a cell phone that was probably used by Woodrow Wilson. I mean, seriously, a flip phone?

This of course disqualifies him to be president, unless he’d like to run retroactively in the 1916 election.

To his credit, I will say Graham looks like he can make pretty good use of a golf club – as noticed by one of our readers, Ron March. And his baseball swing doesn’t seem half bad either.

Luke Russert Says Republicans “Guilty” of War on Women

MSNBC’s Luke Russert during a broadcast today accepted as fact that the Republicans were guilty as charged in 2012 of waging a war on women.

Incredible how propaganda can stick. If you repeat “war on women” enough times, then there is a war on women. This White House understands this kind of tactic well, doesn’t it, you climate deniers out there?

So one is waging war just because one opposes abortion or guaranteed wages based on dubious – actually, fictitious – claims that women earn 77 cents on the dollar?

I don’t know. I don’t remember waging a war on women, do you? This is not known in Washington, but some conservatives actually are women. Do you ladies remember declaring a war on yourselves?

Personally, I like women very, very much. I would never wage war on women, unless they decided to wage war on me. In which case, I would certainly try to get the UN to supply some of its blue-hatted peacekeepers and do whatever I could to reduce levels of violence, injury, and property destruction.

I mean, that’s what I do at home, when war breaks out there . . .

Video || Obama Honors Our Oldest Veteran

This woman, 110-year-old Emma Didlake, was adorable. She was coming in the White House as I was walking out the other day.

She is 110, but I can tell you, she didn’t look a day over 105 . . .

Okay, sorry, couldn’t resist that one. Actually, she looked to be in her 80s, or younger, couldn’t believe she was so old. Nice to see President Obama honor her.