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Maxine Waters Says: “I Have Not Called for Impeachment.” Except, Many Times

Of course, Maxine Waters is always good for a laugh. But I don’t know if this is just her usual inanity. By dispatching one of their colleagues who is always willing to say anything, no matter how dumb, the Democrats have a useful tool to help them drill into the collective unconscious that Trump is not a… Continue Reading

Video || American Flag Falls as DNC Chair Tom Perez Says “Secretary Clinton”

The man who thinks Republicans “don’t give a shit” knows little about patriotism, something this flag clearly recognizes. It should be careful though that once on the floor, the Clintons, one of whom has been impeached and the other of whom endangered national security secrets for her own benefit, don’t stomp on it. H/T Washington… Continue Reading

Video || Easter Egg Roll Day at the White House

Here are a few scenes from the White House Easter Egg Roll. The Trumps emerge from the White House to deliver Easter greetings. Trump gets a reminder from his wife about National Anthem decorum. That’s a subtle nudge from Melania to remind Trump to lift his hand during the national anthem… — Daniella Diaz… Continue Reading