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Watters Encounters Victims of Modern Teaching Techniques

It’s good that the Left has taken over education, with the search for “the best” answer as opposed to “the right” answer and other modern techniques that focus less on information and more on learning how to learn, or whatever. Fox News’ Jesse Watters interviews some of the fallout.

President Obama is trying to ensure that the federal government is steering things. That should definitely fix the problem.

Video || Trump ad Depicts Bill Clinton as Creepy Sex Predator

Donald Trump released a new ad on Instagram featuring the voices of past Bill Clinton accusers.

“I was very nervous,” says Monica Lewinsky.

“No woman should be subjected to it. It was an assault,” says Kathleen Willey.

“He starts to bite on my top lip, and I try to pull away from him,” says a distraught sounding Juanita Broaddrick.

What do you think? Will this be effective? The media, of course, are claiming Trump is just airing “old charges.” But it’s a new campaign, and the old charges must be reviewed for a new audience.

Is Hillary really protecting women?

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Video || Who Are Trump’s Supporters?

Here is an excellent video produced by a reporter for the left-wing British newspaper, The Guardian, which I think provides an enlightening look at the factors and the people driving Trump’s success. It’s done without the condescension that you would expect from a U.S. journalist. Trump’s supporters are portrayed as reasonable people, stuck in very… Continue Reading